The time has finally come!

It’s time to share my biggest passion: ‘Painting and Drawing Art’.

I did share it partially, but with a certain restraint because it was so close to my inner feelings. So it was a vulnerable part of me.

Another reason why I didn’t fully share my passion is because I spent most of my time making glass art after finishing the Rietveld Academy. The glass art became a big success for me and is now also my source of income. It is being exhibited in galleries and museums at home and abroad.

I’ve made the decision that I want to show the world my vulnerable and hidden passion to the fullest. My love and passion for drawing, painting and mixed media. The art is made at many locations where I’ve been. Such as New York, India, Cuba, Italy, Spain, Hungary and many more.

On this website I’ll show you a small impression of the thousands of artworks I’ve made over the years. On my other website (, you can see some of my glass or bronze sculptures and mixed media from 1984.

Your Sincerly, Antoon van Wijk (2019)